1. more benefits of assisted living new york medicaid consultants

    More Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

    Assisted living communities can be mini-oases for seniors. Nowadays, many strive to create their own amenities for seniors so that they don’t have to travel far to have access to recreational activities, physical health options, healthcare services, physical therapy, meals, transportation services…Read More

  2. benefits assisted living new york medicaid consultants

    Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

    In our on-going blog series on assisted living communities and how to decide if and when your parents may need one, we’ve discussed how to talk to your parents about assisted living and some signs that your parents may need an assisted living community. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of t…Read More

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    Signs Your Parents May Need Assisted Living

    We’ve been discussing in many blog posts how to talk to your parents about Medicaid assisted living and offering up tips to have the conversation. We’ve discussed taking your parents to visit Medicaid assisted living communities to offering them options. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing …Read More

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    Tips to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living, Part 2

    No one really likes getting old, but there are some advantages: senior discounts, wisdom you didn’t have when you were younger, and a more appreciative outlook on life. Still, when it comes to your castle (your home), some parents will defend it with their dying breaths like castles of old. Yet, a…Read More

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    Tips to Talk to Your Parents About Assisted Living

    Aging is a fact of life that many of us fight, or we just flat out ignore. Our culture encourages this thinking, as exhibited by the rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries performed and the mantra “50 is the new 40.” In reality, our bodies age in the same way no matter what. You may be turning…Read More

  6. Medicare Vs. Medicaid

    Medicare and Medicaid are often confused with one another, as they share the same historical path and carry similar names. Be that as it may, these two social programs are very different in what they offer in terms of health care. It is important to know their distinctions as well as how one can sup…Read More

  7. How New York Medicaid Compares with Other States

    When seeking New York Medicaid benefits, there can be apprehension that you will not qualify for eligibility and/or that coverage will be insufficient. This is because each state has autonomy to run Medicaid as it sees fit, as long as it is done within federal guidelines. Differences among each stat…Read More

  8. Medicaid Services in New York and Landscaping Tips

    Before retirement, you would do anything in your power to avoid mowing the lawn or keeping up with landscaping. It was a waste of an otherwise great weekend if you had to spend time working in the yard. Boy, times sure have changed. Now that you are retired, you enjoy spending time working in your y…Read More

  9. Your Medicaid Planning Service in New York and Senior Discounts

    Sometimes it pays to be old. Few of us are actually looking forward to getting old and becoming senior citizens. But make no doubt about it, you will likely reach that status someday. At least there is one major upside to aging in America; senior discounts. There are many companies that offer specia…Read More

  10. Medicaid Services New York and Early Retirement

    For many Americans, early retirement is a dream they have had for a very long time. About half of Americans retire early, between the ages of 61 and 65. Nearly 20% of Americans retire before that. So, what can you do to help make your dream of retiring early a reality? There are several things you c…Read More