1. New York Medicaid Services and Ways to Keep Busy

    Today's retirees are quickly finding out that retirement requires as much preparation emotionally and psychologically as it does in financial preparation. You will need to prepare for this new stage of life in many ways. And while New York Medicaid Consulting can provide you with the Medicaid servic…Read More

  2. New York Medicaid Planning and Old People Habits

    Have you ever been behind an older sedan traveling a leisure 30 miles an hour down the freeway? When you finally get the chance to pass, you notice it's a little old man who was born before the end of prohibition. You don't honk or say anything mean, even under your breath, because you know that…Read More

  3. New York Medicaid Services and Cars

    When it comes to marketing, especially cars, many companies don't market to the older generation because they tend to think they just don't buy anything. Well, besides medications, birthday cards for family members and dinners at Applebee's. But as the baby boomers age, they are quickly becoming …Read More

  4. New York Medicaid Planning and Retirement

    There are a few people who have a bit of a crisis leading up to retirement. Some people struggle with their perceived value to society, others fear they will suffer boredom. You see, retirement and growing old is often associated with social exclusion, boredom and mental deterioration. You are not a…Read More

  5. New York Medicaid Services and Retirement Benefits

    You are probably looking forward to retirement with anticipation and eagerness. Retirement is a well-deserved reward for all of the years of hard work you have put in. When you retire, there will be all sorts of cool ways to fill the time once you are free from the constraints of work. When you reti…Read More

  6. New York Medicaid Planning and Senior Discounts

    The demand for senior discounts continues to grow at an alarming rate thanks, in part, to the fact baby boomers are feeling the pinch of increased prices. From food to movies and even eye exams, there are all sorts of senior discounts available depending on where you live. Although it is all too ea…Read More

  7. Your New York Medicaid Trusts Company Suggests a Game of Disc Golf

    Since its first recognized course in 1975, disc golf is a sport that has been slowly gaining in popularity in recent years. The reasons why it is becoming so popular are obvious to those who play the sport. You might have seen people play disc golf or have read about it and thought to yourself this …Read More