1. Estate Planning is as Important as Medicaid Planning in New York

    Estate planning may seem like a lofty concept reserved only for those with a lot of money or for those who actually have an "estate." Even if you don't think you have significant assets, there are plenty of reasons to consider estate planning. Estate planning is much more than just deciding who gets…Read More

  2. Utilizing Medicaid Services in New York

    Your parents have been living independently for many years and it is difficult coming to terms with the idea of assisted living, but they need help with their daily routines and that you cannot provide. But how can you know for sure that it is time to move loved ones into a retirement home or into a…Read More

  3. All About the Community Medicaid Program

    COMMUNITY MEDICAID PROGRAM Introduction   The Community Medicaid Program provides homecare aides, without cost, to seniors who are able to remain in their homes but need assistance with bathing, dressing, preparation of meals, shopping etc. It is particularly helpful for those suffering with Alzhei…Read More

  4. Give Your New York Medicaid Planning Experts a Call

    If you are dealing with the stress and aggravation of filling out Medicaid paperwork, a Medicaid planner can save you time, money and the hassle of it all. Here are a few reasons you should give your New York Medicaid planning experts a call. Complicated Process Medicaid is a very complicated proces…Read More