Have you ever noticed that old people get a pass when it comes to certain social blunders? There are things that old people do that would just be weird if you were to do it at a younger age. For example, nobody thinks twice about an old man taking a power nap at the local diner waiting for his apple pie, but there would be finger-pointing and whispers if you did the same thing.

Now, these things just don’t happen overnight, they just sort of creep up on you. In fact, you may not even know what is happening until it does and by then it’s too late. One day, you are wearing wing tips or Sketchers shoes and before you know it, you have six pairs of loafers, all from Walmart. And even if you are sporting your loafers wearing argyle socks, pleated khaki shorts and a Members Only jacket you found at a garage sale, nobody calls the fashion police or suggests you read an issue of GQ for fashion tips. In fact, some might say you are dressed rather well today.

We guess that this is one of the fun parts about growing old. New York Medicaid Consulting brings you these things that old people do.

Watch Matlock and Murder She Wrote

Do you want to know one thing that these two shows have in common? They are so dreadfully boring that they will put you to sleep in about 10 minutes. Maybe that’s why they are so popular among the older generation, they are cheaper and less addicting than sleeping pills.

Now, we are fans of Andy Griffith and even take quite a liking to Angela Lansbury, but these shows they star in can’t even be categorized as entertaining. You would think when you get older, you would want to watch something exciting or risque that will keep you interested and your heart beating. All these shows do is give you weird courtroom dreams.

Hard Candy

Go into the home of an old person and you will inevitably find a bowl of hard candy. We’re not sure if anybody actually eats the candy, but that really doesn’t matter because it will last forever anyway. Maybe that’s why old people buy hard candy, it’s cheap and they know nobody will eat it.

Reading Western Novels

Either old people have read everything else or Western Novels are really interesting and we just don’t know it yet. We suppose this is better than taking up an unhealthy interest in romance novels.

Earl Grey Tea

If you are going to switch from coffee to tea when you get old, that is fine. We just wonder what prompts these people to choose the most tasteless tea on the market. They even drink this stuff without sugar.

Buffet Restaurants

Eating at a low-quality buffet is a great way to spend a late afternoon, if you are an old person. The sad thing is they tire out after only two trips through the line so they never really eat their money’s worth. In addition, buffet food immediately becomes leftovers the second it gets dumped in that steam table.

But what really gets us to wonder why buffets are so popular among older people is that they have a number of foods they can load up on but they always pick chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. These are the three things they pretty much eat when they are at home.

Feed the Birds

When you age, do you go through a metamorphosis that finds you with a sudden urge to feed the birds? Birds have been ruining the paint on your cars for years and this is how you repay them?

Biscuits and Gravy

Only an old person would order biscuits soaked in a milk-based gravy heavy on the pepper.

Using a Hose to Water the Yard

This has to be the longest and most inefficient way to water your yard. So it makes perfect sense old people do it twice a day.

Dress Alike

Old couples tend to wear color-coordinated outfits when they go out. If Bob is wearing a red shirt and tan pants, then his wife is wearing a red shirt and tan pants. The thing is, they both look pretty darn cute.

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