The polar vortex that had the country experiencing frigid temperatures this last winter is now but a distant memory. Which is a good thing except for one small problem; the heat wave you are experiencing right now makes you dream about those cold temperatures.

It is about this time of year, July and into August, that you wish spring would have hung around much longer. It is just too hot outside to really do anything. Which really bums you out because you and the spouse don’t want to spend your summer stuck inside your house. You are both retired and eager to get things accomplished.

So if you are wondering what to do when the temperatures are in the 90s, we can help. New York Medicaid, your Medicaid planning service in New York, offers things to do when it is hot outside.

Hit the Gym

One of the many wonderful things about being retired is that you can do things while everybody else is stuck at work. This means you can go to the gym and not have to wait in line to use the treadmill.

You know that the gym will have their AC cranked, keeping their clients cool and comfortable. But this is more than just finding a place to stay cool, it is about your health. It is far more healthy to hit the gym on a hot day than to sit around the house doing nothing. Get going.

Head to the Library

What could be better than air conditioning and a great romance novel? We get it, romance novels aren’t your cup of tea. That’s fine, there are plenty of other books in the library for you to enjoy.

You will find the library quite peaceful as people are either at work or spending their day off camping in the woods.

Find a Hobby

Take advantage of your free time by finding a hobby you will enjoy. Perhaps you dreamed about becoming a rock star when you were young, now is your chance to pursue that by taking guitar lessons.

Guitar lessons and practicing will take up a chunk of your time and it would be something you will enjoy. Of course, this means growing your hair out as well.

New Recipes

It’s about time you stopped making spaghetti every Thursday night and actually try something new and different.

If you love to cook, summer is a great time to try new and fresh recipes. The produce section of your grocery store is full of fresh fruits and vegetables that you won’t see in the winter. And you can find all sorts of goodies at your local farmer’s market.

See a Blockbuster

Go ahead, spend the afternoon at the movie theater watching the latest summer blockbuster. Not only are movie theaters super cold, but they also offer fresh popcorn and Junior Mints, a great combination.

Go Swimming

This is something you may not have done for quite some time. Relive the days of your youth by heading to the local swimming pool.

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