Sometimes it pays to be old.

Few of us are actually looking forward to getting old and becoming senior citizens. But make no doubt about it, you will likely reach that status someday. At least there is one major upside to aging in America; senior discounts.

There are many companies that offer special deals for those who reach a certain age. There are some companies that give great deals for those who are aged 50 or older. Other companies start offering their discounts at age 55, 60 or even 65.

Taking advantage of senior discounts will reduce your retirement costs and free up cash for other activities. New York Medicaid Consulting, your Medicaid planning service, offers this list of places that offer a senior citizen discount.


Amtrak boasts over 20,000 route miles in 46 states and the District of Columbia, not to mention three provinces in Canada. They deliver more than 300 trains to hundreds of destinations every day.

Amtrak offers a 10% discount off most rail fares on most Amtrak trains for those who are aged 65 or older. Depending on how much you like to travel by train, this discount could add up.


Roto-Rooter is the largest plumbing and drain cleaning service provider in North America and have been around since 1935. They boast more than 600 company-owned franchises that reach nearly 90% of the United States population.

You won’t find any mention of it on their website, but they offer a senior citizen discount for those aged 55 and up. It is definitely a discount worth asking for.

National Parks

The National Park Service was established in 1916 by then-President Woodrow Wilson and has grown to encompass more than 400 areas across our great nation. If you wish to hike, camp or fish on the more than 80 million acres of National Park land, there are passes you will need to buy.

An annual pass will get you access to over 2,000 recreation sites. And while most people pay $80 for an annual pass, seniors aged 62 or older can get theirs for only $20. A lifetime pass for seniors costs only $80.


Kohl’s is a leading retailer of clothing as well as many other items. There are more than 1,100 stores spread across the states. You can find a Kohl’s store in just about every state.

If you are aged 60 or older, you can shop at Kohl’s and enjoy a 15% discount. Depending on how many shorts and pairs of jeans you buy a year, this adds up and saves you a ton of money.

Pep Boys

Whether you do your own auto maintenance or you are rebuilding a 1968 Camaro as a hobby, you probably spend a lot of time and money at the local auto parts store. If so, you should be shopping Pep Boys.

Founded in 1921 in Philadelphia by four guys fresh out of the Navy, Pep Boys now has over 1,000 locations in about 35 states. And if you are aged 55 or older, you can enjoy a 10% discount on tires, auto repair or whatever you need to keep your ride on the road.


Walgreens has been serving America since 1921 and is the place to go if you need to pick up any type of medications or first aid supplies. They boast more than 8,000 locations in all 50 states.

And if you are 55 or older, you get to enjoy a huge 20% discount on selected items.


Supercuts offers haircuts and other salon services at their locations throughout America. There is no need to make an appointment, just go right in. If you are 60 or older, you can enjoy a 10% discount at all 2,400 plus locations.


JOANN is a retail outlet with a focus on fabrics and crafting supplies. They boast over 850 stores in nearly all 50 states. If you are into crafts or enjoy knitting and sewing, you can enjoy 20% off your purchase if you shop on Senior Discount Days, of which there are several throughout the year.

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