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We’ve been discussing in many blog posts how to talk to your parents about Medicaid assisted living and offering up tips to have the conversation. We’ve discussed taking your parents to visit Medicaid assisted living communities to offering them options. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some signs to watch out for to help you determine when you need to have the conversation with your parents about assisted living.

New York Medicaid Consultants specializes in Medicaid planning services and asset protection services. With all of the rules surrounding Medicaid, seniors can easily become overwhelmed by the details. When you partner with New York Medicaid Consultants, we can help set in place a plan for you to not only protect your assets, but to maximize your Medicaid benefits that you are eligible for. In this blog post, we’ll discuss signs that your parents may need assisted living. Contact us today to learn more!


Worsening Medical Conditions and/or Inability to Remember Medications

As we age, seniors may develop chronic conditions that need regular medication to keep it under control, such as heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these chronic conditions may require more medical attention than before. Furthermore, a failure to take your prescribed medications can lead to increased health risks. If you notice that your parents are forgetting to take their prescription medications frequently, or their medical conditions are getting worse to the point they may need someone to help them, then it’s time to discuss assisted living arrangements.

Forgetting Household Duties or Not Caring

When you visit your parents and you notice that the trash has not been emptied, the yard hasn’t been mowed, the laundry is piled up, and the house is not clean like it normally is, you may need to discuss assisted living with your parents. New York Medicaid Consulting notes that other signs of an inability to keep their living space tidy is expired food in the fridge, or piles of boxes of leftovers from restaurants, which is an indication that your parents can’t cook for themselves anymore. Unexplained odors or pet feces in the house are also clear indicators that it may be time to consider assisted living for your parents.

Furthermore, many seniors fall behind on paying their bills, and they are more vulnerable to scams as well, which could wipe out the life savings of seniors in a hurry. Dementia can lead to seniors not being able to handle numbers at all, or seniors can just forget to pay their bills. Bounced checks, calls from collection agencies, or late notices on bills such as the mortgage are also signs to look out for.

Health Concerns

If you one day notice that your mom or dad has lost considerable weight, this may be a sign of impending assisted living needs. This means that they are neglecting self-care. New York Medicaid Consulting notes that frequent falls as well are signs of needing help around the house, and poor personal hygiene. You may notice unexplained bruises as well from frequent bumps into things.


If you notice that your parents aren’t getting out as much, this may be a sign of needing assisted living as well. Seniors can easily isolate themselves by letting go of their hobbies, skipping out on social gatherings, or just having no desire to leave the house at all. This could also be a sign that something physically is wrong if your parents want to leave the house but find that it is just too much work to do so. Increasingly, seniors are becoming depressed or addicted to substances (most frequently pain medications) because of isolation.

Mood Swings

One big sign of dementia is mood changes. New York Medicaid Consulting notes that aggression is most frequently noted with dementia, along with physical altercations and violence towards family members and/or caregivers. Mood swings can also be an indication of other ailments and should be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible if you have concerns.


It’s important to take note of your parents as they age. While the roles are now reversed and it can be awkward, your parents are depending on you to care for them if and when they cannot. The most important sign that your parents may need assisted living should be if you are concerned about their welfare and safety. Falls are a leading cause of death and injury in seniors and need to be taken seriously. Missed medications and weight loss are huge signs as well.

New York Medicaid Consulting can help you by telling you if your parents would qualify for Medicaid assisted living help. There are so many rules and regulations for Medicaid that you need an expert such as us to help you sort it all out. The last thing you want is to be leaving money on the table when it is yours for the taking.

New York Medicaid Consulting will help you by sitting down with you and evaluating all of your financial needs with regards to long-term care, medications, and other health needs. We charge a one-time fee that offers you help for a lifetime. We can help you with all of your assisted living Medicaid needs, as well as community Medicaid, institutional Medicaid, and pooled income trusts. Call today for your free consultation!