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No one really likes getting old, but there are some advantages: senior discounts, wisdom you didn’t have when you were younger, and a more appreciative outlook on life. Still, when it comes to your castle (your home), some parents will defend it with their dying breaths like castles of old. Yet, at some point, your parents may need to move into an assisted living facility when their level of self-care takes a turn for the worse.

New York Medicaid Consultants can help ease that transition by helping your parents with Medicaid assisted living. Many seniors don’t realize the benefits that Medicaid offers here in the state of New York, and when you visit with us for a free consultation, we can help you determine your eligibility, as well as go over all of your Medicaid benefits based on your particular situation. Below, we’ll continue our look at how to talk to your parents about assisted living. Contact us today to begin!


Always Give Them A Say

No one likes being forced into doing things, especially not by their children. When discussing assisted living options with your parents, you need to always give them a voice. You need to allow them some say in where they go as well. For instance, some seniors want to retire to assisted living in warmer locations, such as Arizona or Florida. While this may put them away from you and not be your first choice, you need to at least consider it. After all, it is your parents’ quality of life and their golden years that they’ve earned.

Recognize Their Fears and Concerns

Many seniors aren’t against the idea of assisted living facilities per se; what they are fighting against is their fears. Change is hard, especially for seniors. If your parents have been in their home for quite some time, they have very fond memories there and are hesitant to try a new living arrangement. Plus, most seniors are very concerned about losing their independence and about losing control over their lives. The fear of the unknown is real for all of us. New York Medicaid Consultants recommends that you acknowledge these fears and don’t diminish them.

Emphasize the Positives

There are many positives to assisted living facilities. For example, if your parents move to an assisted living facility that provides healthy, nutritious meals, does the laundry, and does housekeeping, then your parents will have more free time in their days to actually do the things they enjoy doing, such as playing golf or hanging out with friends at a yoga class. Plus, if your parents move to an assisted living complex, there could be a pool, a golf course, an exercise facility, senior night outs, healthcare services, transportation arrangements, and a whole bunch more activities that your parents would never get to do otherwise in addition to food and housekeeping. They will meet seniors their age and make friends quickly. Many assisted living facilities are quite nice.

Always Offer an Out

Committing to a senior living facility is not a prison sentence; your parents can move if they don’t like it or if their circumstances change. The important thing is that you just ask your parents to try one out and see if it’s a fit. Perhaps you don’t sell their home right away as a reassurance that they can come back if they desire. Compromising is always the best method to take.

Be Prepared for the Financial Aspects

You probably don’t know much about your parents’ financial situation. At some point, finances will need to be broached as assisted living is not cheap. However, there are options, which is what New York Medicaid Consultants specialize in. We offer Medicaid planning and asset protection services to help seniors who are unsure of what Medicaid benefits they qualify for. You may even be able to quality for and obtain Medicaid benefits and stay in your home. There are so many options available that making an appointment with us for your free consultation only makes sense.


New York Medicaid Consulting in New York City offers the best Medicaid planning services, including Medicaid assisted living. Whether you are interested in community Medicaid, institutional Medicaid, or pooled income trusts, we can help. Give us a call today!