At some point, you will come to the realization that whatever you wanted to do in life, you had better get at it. The moment you realize the clock is ticking and you don’t have forever is usually in retirement. The good news about retirement is that you are left with plenty of time to make up for lost time and do the things you want.

There are any number of things that held you back from exploring your interests when you were younger. It could have been the lack of free time, you did work for a living of course, or it could have been because you spent much of your time raising a family. Whatever the reasons, they can no longer be used as excuses.

There will be those who prefer to spend their golden years sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico or sailing the seas sipping mojitos on a cruise ship, but that just isn’t your style. That kind of stuff is for people who don’t want to better themselves. You want to have an active, interesting and adventurous retirement, but aren’t quite sure how to achieve that. You are in luck. New York Medicaid Consulting, your Medicaid planning service in New York, offers a list of what to do when you retire.

Volunteer at a School

You have always enjoyed learning and helping out youth when you can, so volunteer at a local school. You can be a teacher’s aid and help out in the classroom in a number of ways. For example, you can tutor students, help grade papers and supervise the kids during recess. As an aide, you take tasks off the teacher’s hands so they can better focus on teaching. It is a rewarding job and you will wind up learning a thing or two as well.

Join the Peace Corps

You might think you are too old to join the Peace Corps, but you would be wrong. There is no age limit on becoming a Peace Corp volunteer and depending on which program you choose, your service can last anywhere from three months to two years. You can even choose which country you want to serve in, the type of work you are interested in and when you leave.

Join a Choir

While you might be just a tad little old to join a Rock band or boy band for that matter, you can still show off your singing skills by joining a choir. Singing in the shower is not enough, and few people are able to enjoy your talents, so hit the streets and be on the lookout for singing groups in your area.

There are many choices in this particular field, you could join a choir at your church, you could perform with a small group at local venues, the flavor and size of choirs leave you plenty of choices.

Get Artsy

Creating works of art really feeds the spirit. You see many retirees seek out art classes to either acquire or rekindle skills they had abandoned years ago. Whether you prefer drawing, painting, sculpting or something else, there is a variety of classes available at any given time.

Community colleges are a great place to start if you want to try your hands at something new. Find a friend to join an art class with you and enjoy the time spent together creating works of art and enjoying lighthearted conversation.

Learn to Cook

Maybe you have never cooked anything in your life or perhaps you do cook but have been in a rut for years preparing the same meals over and over. Either way, retirement gives you the perfect opportunity to take a cooking class.

You could take a baking class and learn to create all of those wonderful baked holiday foods or take a French cooking class and impress the spouse with some fancy dinners.

Back to School

Maybe you feel the need to feed your head with more information. If this is the case, go back to school. You don’t have to have a goal of a degree, just take a few classes that have attracted your interests.

Before setting forth on your retirement adventures, meet with a Medicaid consultant at New York Medicaid Consulting and see what we can do for you.