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In our on-going blog series on assisted living communities and how to decide if and when your parents may need one, we’ve discussed how to talk to your parents about assisted living and some signs that your parents may need an assisted living community. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the many wonderful benefits of an assisted living community. Contact us today to learn more!

New York Medicaid Consultants offers the best Medicaid estate planning services, as well as Medicaid trust planning and Medicaid assisted living planning. We are experts in the law of Medicaid and how it works in the state of New York. Often, seniors just don’t know what Medicaid covers and what it doesn’t, so they assume it doesn’t, which can cost you money. With our free consultations, we can help you put together a Medicaid plan that can maximize your benefits. Below, we’ll discuss some benefits of assisted living communities. Contact us today to learn more!


Meal Planning

One of the primary benefits of assisted living communities is the meal planning. Assisted living communities usually are staffed by professional chefs who plan three nutritious meals a day for seniors. These meals are not only nutritious, but they are delicious as well. Some assisted living facilities have different forms of dining, such as casual sandwich bars to formal dining.

Help with Daily Living

Many seniors, while mainly independent, may need help occasionally or more often, which assisted living facilities provide based on your needs. You may need help out of chairs, help with bathing and dressing, and help with eating. Or, you may just need a helping hand up the stairs or unloading your bags from a recent shopping trip. Assisted living facilities are there to help any way they can.

Physical Health

In the last few decades, the importance of maintaining your physical health into your senior years has become prominent. As a response, many assisted living facilities offer a variety of physical activity and fitness options so seniors can maintain a good, healthy level of fitness that will help keep their bones strong and help prevent many bone-related and muscle-related injuries and conditions, such as osteoporosis. New York Medicaid Consultants note that amenities such as swimming pools, cardio-fitness rooms, group fitness classes, yoga, golf, hiking trails, and more have become very popular with assisted living facilities and seniors who live there.


Assisted living facilities can offer safety for seniors. Many seniors suffer from falls, and an assisted living facility is designed to minimize stairs and to always have help available when needed. If a slip does happen, assisted living facilities can offer immediate medical attention. Medical healthcare is important as well, and some assisted living facilities have regular healthcare professionals on staff to evaluate any medical concerns you may have.


New York Medicaid Consulting is dedicated to helping you navigate what can be a complicated Medicaid system, so you are maximizing your retirement dollars. Contact us today for all your Medicaid planning service needs!