Your parents have been living independently for many years and it is difficult coming to terms with the idea of assisted living, but they need help with their daily routines and that you cannot provide. But how can you know for sure that it is time to move loved ones into a retirement home or into assisted living?

You have done everything you possibly can to ensure your parents are well-established in their Golden years including protecting their savings and utilizing Medicaid services in New York. There are several signs that it might be nearing the time to move your parents into assisted living, here are just a few.

Close Calls

If either of your parents has had a few instances where someone could have been seriously hurt, this is a warning sign that things could get worse. For example, a minor injury from trying to prevent a fall is a warning sign of a problem with mobility. Stiffness in joints, inactivity and complications from diabetes are common conditions that can affect mobility.

Many seniors suffer near falls in the tub or shower and often hurt themselves in the process. Getting in and out of bed is another activity that becomes increasingly difficult when mobility is decreased.

Yet another sign that it might be time for assisted living is if either of your parents is having a difficult time navigating stairs or corners in their home safely and effectively. This is a cause for concern and may require intervention.

Changes in How They Look

A parent who has noticeable weight loss is a sign that something is not right. Somebody who has reached a state where they cannot prepare their own meals will resort to eating whatever is handy or not at all. Of course, this is not at all healthy and these types of patterns can result in a serious lack of proper nutrition. There are also any number of medications that could cause complications if taken on an empty stomach.

If either of your parents is having a difficult time grooming themselves, it will show in neglected physical appearance. Some signs that indicate neglect include wearing the same clothes for several days or weeks in a row, unwashed, unbrushed hair and a noticeable odor due to neglected hygienic practices.

Neglected Safety and Security

Security and Safety issues are common reasons many people look into assisted living. Just the mere thought of a robbery, fire or major accident is frightening. Forgetfulness is common as we age and could signal signs of dementia. So if either of your parents is leaving exterior doors wide open at night or failing to turn off the oven, assisted living needs to be taken into consideration.

Lonely and Depressed

When mom or dad withdraws from social connections it could be a sign of depression. Loneliness and depression can cause weight loss, lack of sleep and extreme mood swings. In fact, depression and loneliness among the elderly are quite common. Assisted living staff are trained to engage with your loved ones and can help recognize when help is needed.