Like many New Yorkers, you probably feel like there are four major sports: baseball, football, basketball and hockey. We don’t consider soccer a major sport because most people don’t care about soccer. And if you are like most New York residents, you probably follow the Giants, Jets, Yankees, Mets, Rangers, Islanders, Knicks and Nets.

Not that you follow all of those teams, we are sure most of you have particular preferences, but hopefully, most New Yorkers pull for teams from the area. Most New York residents also have a favorite sport that they follow. Though we are sure soccer is on the bottom of that list. And while we have no doubt that football probably tops that list, we can make a few points why baseball is the greatest game ever.

So finish up what you are doing, and read up on the reasons why your New York Medicaid services company thinks baseball is king.

It’s Played in the Summer

Baseball just isn’t a sport, it’s a gathering. It holds a social appeal that football cannot compete with because it is a game that is played in the warmth of summer. Families gather at ballfields all over the country in the summer to eat hot dogs, sing songs and enjoy a great game.

Basketball and hockey are played indoors, so you don’t get to enjoy nature and football is played when the weather is rainy or snowy and the temperatures are cold. Cheering for your team when it’s 20 degrees out and snow is being blown in your face by an icy wind just isn’t all that fun.

Baseball is Played Every Day

If you are a hardcore sports fan, you want to watch games as often as possible. With baseball, you can see a game every day during the regular season. This means fresh talk about your team around the water cooler at work the next day, every day. If you love football, you get to talk about the game Monday morning and then rehash the same stuff for the next four days.

All Ballparks are Different

Not only does every baseball park has its own uniqueness, the fields are also different from city to city. That is, baseball fields are not standardized. The dimensions of baseball fields vary as much as the rosters of each team. The quirks at each field turns out to be a benefit to the home team.

It’s All About the Numbers

If you like crunching numbers, then baseball has to be your game. There are so many stats to track in baseball, and all of them have a certain amount of significance. Pitchers are swapped out in certain situations because of statistics, switch hitters determine which side to bat based n statistics and pitch choices are often determined on statistics.

If you are a true baseball fan, you can pretty much predict what the pitcher will throw on a full count to a particular batter. You will also know when a runner is most likely to steal or when a manager will put up the bunt sign.

Baseball is Inexpensive

If you want to attend a football game, you might have to take out a second mortgage on your home. Tickets are pretty hefty in price. But for 10 bucks, you can attend a baseball game in most cities and have a pretty good seat. Not only that, but there is a chance that the game you go see will go into extra innings, which is even more value for your dollar.

No Clock

One thing that really bothers a lot of people who like football is clock management. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a team “milk the clock.” Baseball isn’t a timed sport, so nobody cares how much time is left or what time it is for that matter. Heck, most pitchers are quite happy shaking off any number of pitches because there is no hurry in throwing a pitch.

No clock also means that no matter how many runs down your team is, there is always plenty of time for them to catch up.

So there you have it, the reasons why baseball is the best sport. Now go out there and root for your favorite baseball team.