If you envision your retirement as a long-term vacation, then you will probably move to a place that offers sunshine, recreation or a vibrant cultural scene. Of course, you will want more from a city than a great golf course or lots of sunny weather, so you will want to make a wise choice.

In fact, you will want to consider other factors when choosing the city you want to move to when you retire including climate, crime and financial factors. No city is perfect, but there are a number of cities that have a lot to offer. So forget about work, Medicaid trusts and the snow storm currently icing up the streets, here are a few choice cities to consider moving to when you retire.

Kendall, Florida

If 90-year-olds feel safe walking around this city at night, then you know that crime is not a big issue. But a low crime rate isn’t the only reason to consider this city as your retirement destination. Kendall is highly ranked in the well-being index and the Florida climate is always a big plus.

Glendale, California

Glendale, a Los Angeles suburb, is known as the “Jewel City” and has much to offer retirees. You see, Glendale boasts more than 5,000 acres of natural open space covered with trails and roads that are enjoyed by hikers, joggers and cyclists all year long.

Of course, Southern California is also known for its beautiful weather with endless sunshine. Glendale also scores very high as a retiree destination due to its low crime and cultural resources.

Scottsdale, Arizona

If you love the Southwest desert, moonlit walks and air-conditioned shopping, then Scottsdale could be your retirement destination. Scottsdale also offers Pinnacle Peak Park with sprawls over 30,000 acres and nearly 170 miles of trails, if you like outdoor activities. Gallup polls show that residents of Scottsdale give high ratings to health, social life and sense of purpose.

Des Moines, Iowa

If you think sunny, warm weather is overrated, then Des Moines might make you list of places to live when you retire. The biggest selling point is its affordability, as costs are about 10 percent lower than averages. Other reasons to make Des Moines your retirement destination include low crime, high scores in health care facilities and plenty of cultural activities to attend.

Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin, located about 20 miles southwest of Nashville, offers history buffs several Civil War sites including Carter House and Carnton Plantation. In addition to the rolling hills and historic backdrop, Franklin boasts costs that are below the national average and a tax burden that ranks 47 out of 50.

Rapid City, South Dakota

For retirees looking for a rugged retirement destination with new adventures, sense of seclusion and affordable housing, look no further than Rapid City. Believe it or not, there is a high concentration of residents 60 and older living in Rapid City enjoying the fresh air, pristine parks and low-cost health care. Rapid City is a place where you can enjoy four distinct seasons, cross-country skiing and a minor league hockey team.