If you have had to help your parents get situated properly in their retirement years, you probably heard about Medicaid trusts and Medicaid planning services. You haven’t given your own retirement much thought because it is still many years away.

But this is not how you should approach your retirement, it’s something you need to be thinking about right now and planning for. Before you know it, you will be sending kids off to college, celebrating your 50th and buying a sports car as you are suffering a midlife crisis. And then, BAM, it hits you hard, you will be retiring soon and you haven’t planned for it.

And why aren’t you planning for your retirement right now? Well, here are a few excuses we hear all of the time.

Too Soon To Start Planning

This excuse is the one heard most. Too many people have this notion that you shouldn’t start planning for your retirement until you are nearly there. The truth of the matter is that the sooner you start planning and saving, the better chances you have of enjoying their kind of retirement you would like. This is something that should not be put on the back burner until a future, unknown date.

Too Busy

So you are too busy to plan for your retirement, and probably too busy to return the text you received from your grandmother. Look, people have time to get these types of things done, they just use the “too busy” line as an excuse. Planning for your retirement won’t take up very much of your time and you will feel good about getting something accomplished. Now, make the time to plan for your retirement and for Pete’s sake text your grandmother back.

Too Late

Maybe retirement is just around the corner and you think whatever you do isn’t worth the effort. Think again. It is never too late to change your income distribution strategy.

Won’t Need It

This is a pretty bold statement. Many people think that since they do a pretty good job putting money away in a savings account that they don’t need to plan for retirement. But what these people don’t consider is if they are putting enough money away. They also don’t consider that between the present and the day you retire is this unpredictable thing called life. You never know what the future holds and there might come a time when you need to dip into your savings, perhaps several times.

Don’t Have Enough Money Right Now

There might be a bit of truth in this excuse. Look, if you are so poor you have a hard time making rent or buying food, then maybe you should put this off for a bit. But once you have both feet on the ground and moving forward, start planning for your retirement.

Don’t Want to Deal with It

Planning for retirement is not a subject that brings joy to you. To be honest, it’s something most people would rather sweep under a rug and forget about. But that isn’t being responsible. Suck it up and start planning for your retirement today.