Since its first recognized course in 1975, disc golf is a sport that has been slowly gaining in popularity in recent years. The reasons why it is becoming so popular are obvious to those who play the sport.

You might have seen people play disc golf or have read about it and thought to yourself this is something that doesn’t interest you. Shame on you for having such a closed mind. We realize there are any number of sports out there you can play, have fun and enjoy yourself, and disc golf is one of them. Your New York Medicaid trusts company gives you a few good reasons you should at least consider playing disc golf.

It’s Essentially Free

Once you have forked out a few dollars for a couple of golf discs and a bag to hold them in, the actually game is free. If you do a little research, you will find the city parks in your community that have disc golf courses. Playing the game is as cheap as driving, walking or biking to the nearest course and having a good time. That’s right, playing 18 holes of disc golf is free, just like playing tennis or shooting hoops at the park. Heck, you can afford to play two rounds at that price.

If you play regular golf, then you are aware of how expensive it is to play. Green fees are outrageous to be sure, but the equipment is just as expensive. One might think that after buying a set of golf clubs, a bag, shoes, gloves and everything else you need to play, then you can stop spending money. Unfortunately, you continue to spend money on golf balls as you are always losing them. Add up what you spend over the course of a year and the number might shock you.

On the other hand, golf discs run anywhere from 10 to 30 dollars and you don’t have to pay more than 25 or 36 bucks for a disc golf bag. That’s pretty much it because it isn’t likely you will lose many discs.

It’s Super Easy to Play

Disc golf is such a simple game to play; all you do is throw the disc to get it close to and then in the basket. It’s like golf, but you don’t need fancy clubs, carts or small golf balls that are easily lost. It is a lot less frustrating as well because you really don’t need a high skill set to play.

The majority of holes you play will have a par three, which means three or four throws and you move on to the next hole. If you can throw a Frisbee, then you can play disc golf.

Good For You

There isn’t as much running, jumping and leaping as in some other sports, but that is not to say you won’t get some good exercise playing disc golf. Disc golf is a very heart-healthy, calorie burning activity. You might wonder why; it all has to do with the walking.

Traditional golf comes with the option of riding a cart to help chase your ball around, but that is not the case in disc golf. That is, you will do a lot of walking. Playing 18 holes will require you to walk about a mile, which is great for your body and heart.

It’s More Fun Than You Think

Understandably, anyone who has never played the game might have a hard time seeing why it is so much fun. It all really boils down to who you play with. Spending time on the course with good company and fresh air is never a bad thing.

Go ahead, round a few people up and play a round or two of disc golf, we bet after the game is over you will be looking forward to the next time you play.

No Tee Time

Disc golf courses aren’t run the same as traditional golf courses. When you decide you want to play a game of disc golf, you simply go to the park and play. In disc golf, there is no need to call and commit to a tee time, just go and play.

Maybe it time to trade in those dusty golf clubs for a couple of golf discs.