1. Your Medicaid Planning Service in New York and Senior Discounts

    Sometimes it pays to be old. Few of us are actually looking forward to getting old and becoming senior citizens. But make no doubt about it, you will likely reach that status someday. At least there is one major upside to aging in America; senior discounts. There are many companies that offer specia…Read More

  2. Medicaid Planning New York and Beating the Summer Heat

    The polar vortex that had the country experiencing frigid temperatures this last winter is now but a distant memory. Which is a good thing except for one small problem; the heat wave you are experiencing right now makes you dream about those cold temperatures. It is about this time of year, July and…Read More

  3. Your Medicaid Planning Service and Jobs for Retired Couples

    For some couples, retirement means travel, relaxation and afternoon naps. For others, retirement means an opportunity to get a new job working together or even owning their own business. Whether it is for extra income or just to stay active, working with your significant other is a great way to reco…Read More

  4. Medicaid Planning and Chain Restaurants

    There are a number of things you will do when you retire. For example, you will probably play golf, buy orthopedic shoes and eat at chain restaurants. You can bet that more than half of the people you see at Applebee's on any given evening are retirees. The same holds true for many chain restaurants…Read More

  5. Medicaid Planning New York and Early Retirement

    Most people retire in their 60s, and the average age of retirement has been steadily climbing for years. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until then to retire. Many people retire early and doing so can help you enjoy more experiences, take more pleasure in your everyday activities and help y…Read More

  6. Medicaid Planning in New York and Growing Old

    At just about any age, we make up our minds just how happy we want to be. That is, we are always wanting to move on to the next step in our lives totally convinced that is where we will be our happiest. When you are a kid, you can’t wait until you are a teenager because that’s when you will be h…Read More

  7. New York Medicaid Consulting Busts Old People Myths

    There is an old adage that proves to be true time and time again: What people think will happen, happens. If this does hold true, then you will become what you think old people are like. So if you really believe that falls are a part of getting old, then you could be doomed to fall a lot when you ar…Read More