Attorney James Robbins Is A Life Saver To My Family

Attorney James Robbins is a life saver to my family. Without warning, we were suddenly tossed into a world of red tape when a family member became ill and needed 24 hour care. Thankfully James Robbins came on board to help – and help he did. Robbins met with the family and instantly we felt at ease. Robbins handled all the paperwork, phone calls and setting up 24 hour care at home for the ill family member. Robbins followed up on every detail, handled all the inquiries (and there were many) and stood firm in his pledge that he would continue to oversee the endless paperwork – even after the family member started receiving home care. Without Robbins, we would never have received the care our family member needed. There are, without question, many out there that say they can help and maybe they do help. But they go away or don’t return calls after the care begins. Robbins is always there. If we call him today, he answers today. Robbins is the best thing a family can do to ensure our family is protected.

Richard H.